Women's Self-Defense




Very well done. I appreciated the thoroughness & hands on approach.

Thank you! Exactly what I wanted.

Cindy S.

We were talking about how vulnerable we are as newly single women from

long term relationships and need to learn self-defense, increasing

confidence and self-care. Overall - very good - eye opening &

confidence enhancing introduction.
Julie S.

Elliott is awesome.
Cheryl W.

Thank you - it was very helpful & fun.

Great Job!

I'm really glad I took this class. Great investment of time and money.
Sydney C.

Thorough and straight forward.
Jessika W.

I really enjoyed this experience and would suggest others to protect themselves.
Kyley C.

I found the workshop to be very informative and thorough. Elliott explained

and demonstrated several useful techniques that can be used in a

real life setting with an attacker.

Melanie W.

I appreciate the patience and time spent making sure we mastered the

technique. I learned techniques I never would have thought of if I were

ever to get in a fight. All of this knowledge is very beneficial and gives

me peace of mind to know I have more than one way to defend myself.

Kristyn W.

The entire class was so beneficial, educational, and the information

sticks with you.
Elif K.

Elliott was great, informative and patient. It was helpful knowing what if

anything I was doing incorrect w/moves to fix them.

Alison B.

I liked the thoroughness of instruction and chance to practice each technique.
Jacqui S.

I like the session to refresh on prior instructions.
Linda S.

Good, real life scenarios, brief & simple to remember. Thank you!
Jaclyn W.

This was my 1st Refresher Class and I have motions/moves more embedded

in my memory for practice!

Josephine B.

Everything was useful. I thought it was an excellent workshop.
Debi B.

The instructor was very patient, kind and understanding with students

and covered so much vital information with practice that left me

empowered and with a feeling that I can utilize, recall and remember

this new knowledge that I gained. Thank you so much.
Josephine B.

Very instructive and helpful
Rachel H.

Very helpful… would love to have one hour follow up refreshers to practice

moves and keep the self-defense mindset fresh.

Kathy C.

Thank you! This should be a requirement for all women/children
Amy G.

Awesome yet again Elliott! & Ethan!
Jean M.

Amazing class! Thank you so much for the experience!
Cece C.

The workshop was very informative. The techniques shown were numerous,

simple and very effective. The instructors were friendly and explained each technique/method in great detail. The demonstration was well explained.

Thank you.

Very educational and will be hand when needed. Instructors were friendly

and thought the self-defense moves quite well. Great experience.


I really enjoyed this workshop, I learned about things that I never knew that

I possess that can actually save my life. Learning how to protect myself

without using any weapons, it was actually amazing. Wish I could have

time doing this. Thank you to everyone who provided this workshop.


This workshop was very informative and helpful. I learnt a lot. There were

situations that never crossed my mind and many varying solutions.

It taught me items that I never can imagine that I can do.

Very informative session. I know I will be able to use most of the

self-defense training if ever in danger. I felt the instructors were

very knowledgeable. Overall content was great.


Excellent workshop. Lots of areas were touched on. Instructors were

very knowledgeable. Focus was placed on individuals ensuring practice

was conducted for each activity. Practice is most important.

Really good! The workshop was very informative. I am very grateful for all

the instructions given. Good work by all the instructors. Thanks!


It was informative, educational and interesting. I hope that we can have a

lot more sessions like this. The instructors were quite awesome, cool

and gentle. Also, thank you for your time, expertise and knowledge.

I would just like to thank you for having this workshop. It was a really

good program. The instructors were really good. There was a lot of

detail in the techniques used which was really good.

Excellent & insightful class. Lots of practical tips for women & those with

minimal fighting skills to be able to defend themselves when put

against a possibly stronger aggressor.

Thank you for your time & sharing your knowledge.

Great knowledge gained.

Very informative and educational. I particularly enjoyed the practical

demonstration - real life situation.


The workshop was very interesting. The techniques demonstrated

were easy to understand. Excellent Job!


I really enjoyed the workshop. I feel every woman should learn these skills.

It has been an eye opener. Have been wanting to do this for years.

Need to learn to handle weapons escape next. Great teaching to you

and your team.

Great workshop! Coach took his time and made everybody feel comfortable.

Very relevant! Thank you!

I enjoyed your class and felt comfortable in the class. We will definitely

come back for refresher.
Mona C.

I was impressed with the instructor’s commitment to making

the lessons affordable.
Lynne K.


This was awesome - Learned so much important info & tools - will highly

recommend to others! Awesome Job!

Game changer & life changer! Thank you.
Julie M.

This class addresses real life situations & teaches women & young girls

how to defend themselves.
Kim T.

Loved it!
Emie M.

Great program for learning the basics!
Susan G.

Excellent! We learned a lot.
Kay D.

Wonderful, helpful, great, fun.
Emna B.

You're awesome.
Peggy H.

Good workshop. Comfortable learning environment. Learned many different

ways to protect myself. Good instructor.
Jenn K.

Very informative - I learned a lot. Thank you for coming to Regina to teach this workshop. And thanks for letting us practice kicking you in the groin! Ha!
Janna H.

Great class. Lots of info. Need more.
Jackie G.

Would like to attend a follow-up in a year or two.
Linda S.

Excellent class. Thank you!
Tara R.

Thank you so much for your patience and sharing your knowledge. I think

the role playing with a partner was important, but also offering to

show appropriate pressure and points from the instructor was

helpful along with visualization.
Amanda G.

Thank you so much for teaching me how to defend myself. I feel more

confident for sure.
Jennifer O.

Understanding soft spots and how your body can be a tool to activate

these soft spots.

Thank you so much. Learned a 10+ and can't wait to get more confident

in defending myself. Will definitely recommend.
Yasmeen F.

Thank you so much.
Susie A.

Very useful info. I feel more confident despite my small size.
Nicole G.