Women's Self-Defense


Many of us have seen an over-abundance of assaults on women in too many forms to comprehensively document here. The need is to make a sharp turn from an abusive path to a sane life. This path is not just for women but for all people striving to live in a sane world.

Our motivating reason for starting Conscious Defense was to solely teach Women Self-Defense against oppressive and abusive people. Even though common sense and sanity would direct us to continue to evolve our relationships and improve the world for more and more people... that is not happening quickly.

Therefore, we must be the change we seek in our society and our world. We are proud to be part of the solution by participating in what we think creates a fair playing field for women and men. Equality always creates an environment for each participant to live a fuller, richer life.

In conclusion, we want to make it clear to any woman, especially those who have already been abused to utilize my expertise in Women's Self-Defense as a resource. I will do my very best to provide the knowledge and skill to teach you to defend yourself.

Anyone, who would like to attend our workshops and need financial consideration email us at "Enough@ConsciousDefense.com". We will do our very best to include you into our workshop schedule.​​​




In the United States we should be so proud to know a few hundred years ago before we were born a group of Americans created a legal document stating the most important words to guide the future rights of all Americans.

Here is just a few of those words...

Persons have the right not to be violated... Not to be deprived of life... and equal protection of the laws.