Women's Self-Defense



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​Awareness and Self-Defense

​The adrenaline rush is needed. It doubles your strength.

​How safe you made me feel... no longer vulnerable.

​To go deeper - into life itself.

Self-Protection for the rest of their lives. Protection for family and friends.

​Proper guidance is the solution.

Be afraid no more. Never fear again.

Halle Berry. Movie: Kidnap

Miguel DeServantes. All that glitters.

Anyone can learn the basics of hand to hand combat.

Visualization or imagery.

Jocelyn A. Hollander

Laura L. Welch

It is life-saving instruction.

Your primal force is liberated to assist you.

You are learning self evident fighting skills.

A natural given solution is provided.

A new mindset.

​Defending from your back on the ground.

Dating boundaries.

Negotiate - deescalate conflicts. Being assertive and firm but not weak

or aggressive yet prepared.

Training is slow, accurate and repetitive.

Offense and defense.

Rolls and falls.

Break free and escape.

Guides to weapons training and self-defense items.

Security guidelines.

Free from vulnerability for life.

Practice awareness​.

Keep your body healthy, active and fluid.

Why condensed Self-Defense Workshops.

Women in the family.

Family training.

Become your own defense system.

High alert.

Self-Defense in your repertoire.

Street fighting.

Our steps. The 4 A's.

Auto safety.

​​Coming Soon!

Work safety.

Phone safety.

Guide to firearms.

Proper guidance.

Be afraid no more.

Phrases and statements for self-defense.

Control is your birthright.

You have the opportunity and right to be free of fear.

Review and refine.