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Awareness and Self-Defense 020917
To excel at Self-Defense there is one major key in protecting you, saving you and helping you more than anything else and that is awareness. The more you are aware the less chance anyone can take advantage of you or cause you harm. Awareness takes discipline, focus and time. I assure every moment you refine your ability to be aware you produce a wealth of resource in your self-protection.

Awareness is a life-long pursuit and pays big dividends. Awareness bleeds over to all areas of your life. Whenever you have a free moment refine your ability of observing all visual, auditory and emotional sensations around you. Practice engaging all your senses to aid your ability to be conscious of your circumstance.

When you think about it – is there anything more important to you then knowing what is going on in the world around you especially anything that might affect you personally. Being blind or ignorant of the facts in life only appear to work. Lies are illusions but can never have the strength to be of value or benefit in the makeup of life. Denying reality being unaware can only impact your world and eventually produce failure.

Awareness will always serve you well in comprehending our world and protecting you in your dealings of disorder as you must deal with when defending yourself.

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