Women's Self-Defense



Self-Protection for the rest of their lives. Protection for family and friends.

My friend like he has so often done clarified the invaluable asset Self-Protection is in someone's life. The answer to or for Self-Protection is to remove that fear from their life forever! Education is an invaluable life long benefit. We forget at times but it is so true. Life experiences are part and parcel of education. Doing... where we utilized our brains and body in a uniform solution to a problem amasses ourselves forward solidified in our resolve when given half a chance.

Self-Protection education springs one forward to a place beyond. Because it satisfies not only a current need but supplies us with a life long knowledge that often can be fully functional with a little reminder or practice or focused thought or allowing our innate self to express itself without limitations. But doing is the key. Step up... step forward... learn.

To go deeper - into life itself.

I am always surprised when given the opportunity in life to leap forward. To face life. To challenge yourself. To go beyond the normal day to day situations and habituations. How unusual life is when you step up to the precipice and without excessive analysis of your challenge/problem you quickly make a decision to deal/confront what stares you in the face.

Just like relationships our depth is essential to living a life of beyond normal. Sometimes our research overwhelms us to the point we become lethargic to the point of doing nothing or the very bare minimum. We know the level of depth we are in and we also know the level of apprehension to face ourselves. To go beyond. Our assets are our friends... male and female and every miniscule motion submerged into qualities of living make life truly thankful to live.

How safe you made me feel... no longer vulnerable.

Wonderful words to hear from students. Though you do not always hear from students. When it happens you do appreciate it. I feel very thankful I was able to remove a level of fear we too often can feel living in this world. Maybe, we do not have fear, especially conscious fear, all the time but it is such a relief when we elevate ourselves above it. I remember how scared I was when I was being bullied as an example. The day I dropped my fear of bullies because of my training was like starting a new life.

Being able to face your fears and challenge those areas that have held you back or down is awakening to a fuller life. I am so thankful I turned the corner and dealt with my fear in a constructive useful way that has helped me my whole life. Yes I know each step doesn't remove all fear or give us a bulletproof life. But it does allow one to enjoy this life a little better than ever before. Every step forward is invaluable to living life that is enriched.

The adrenaline rush is needed. It doubles your strength.

Important to know what physical resource is available to you. Especially at points in your life when you life depends on it. Adrenaline is a powerful asset in defending yourself. Clearly know it... for it can make the difference in saving your life. If you need to you can read the many stories of great strength performed when under the influence of adrenaline. Size no longer matters when you have adrenaline. The caution in this is to know that adrenaline is maximizing your power but only for short periods of time. You must utilize your temporary extraordinary power or it will go to waste.

The worst thing that can happen is to allow yourself to take all that power and turn it inward where it freezes your body in place and traps you from moving. The key is to know the power is there and you must choose to use it. One of the reasons i encourage my students, in a safe place, to let everything out and yell at the top of their lungs to open that aggressive portal we must enter to defend against aggressive behavior. It is sad but the reality is violence at times can only be stopped with violence. 

Awareness and Self-Defense.
To excel at Self-Defense there is one major key in protecting you, saving you and helping you more than anything else and that is awareness. The more you are aware the less chance anyone can take advantage of you or cause you harm. Awareness takes discipline, focus and time. I assure every moment you refine your ability to be aware you produce a wealth of resource in your self-protection.

Awareness is a life-long pursuit and pays big dividends. Awareness bleeds over to all areas of your life. Whenever you have a free moment refine your ability of observing all visual, auditory and emotional sensations around you. Practice engaging all your senses to aid your ability to be conscious of your circumstance.

When you think about it – is there anything more important to you then knowing what is going on in the world around you especially anything that might affect you personally. Being blind or ignorant of the facts in life only appear to work. Lies are illusions but can never have the strength to be of value or benefit in the makeup of life. Denying reality being unaware can only impact your world and eventually produce failure.

Awareness will always serve you well in comprehending our world and protecting you in your dealings of disorder as you must deal with when defending yourself.

Empower yourself. NOW!